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Like it or not, Apple’s Mac & iOS appstores are walled gardens – Apple must review and approve the functionality, content, and usability of your app before you can release it on the store.

It doesn’t end there. Do you want to use the calling function? There are rules for doing so. Want to access the internet? Yep, rules again. Want to sell products inside your app? RULES GALORE!!!

When you hire AlbeBaubles you no longer need to worry about these issues. Rest assured we will run your product through our checklist to ensure:

  • Your product adheres to Apple’s content guidelines
  • Your product has the proper certificates and provisions
  • Your product is notifying the user when calling, accessing your location information, or any other potential security issue
  • Your product metadata has been provided

AlbeBaubles has a 100% acceptance rate on the Apple appstore. Further, 100% of our apps have released on the first submission!